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Google Plays Smart Defense By Buying Nest

Briefly consider the counter-factual -- what the future might look like had these purchases never occurred. We can only imagine the conversations that would be occurring in Mountain View, California, today had Google not purchased Android. And the vast traffic going to YouTube would be going elsewhere had Google not purchased the video site in 2006. Is Nest Labs the sort of acquisition that will look like a no-brainer years hence? It certainly has the potential. Most of Googles other home-oriented technologies have failed to catch on in a major way. Android@Home platform simply never caught on, and the Nexus Q streaming media device is not exactly lighting the world on fire. And please, dont even ask about the Chromecast Dongle.
More http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-01-22/google-plays-smart-defense-by-buying-nest.html

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